Composer Jānis Ķirsis is recording his first solo album in the studio owned by the group ABBA leader Benny Anderson

Composer Jānis Ķirsis, who will celebrate his 30th anniversary this year, has started working on his first solo album “The Equator”. The process of CD recording takes place in Stockholm, in the recording studio owned by the legendary band ABBA leader Benny Anderson and on his personal piano. Already this week  his first CD single will be released – the composition called “The Equator”.

“The composition “The Equator” is me encountering myself – a barefoot walk in the music, where I am gaining endless joy, listening to the silence, creating sounds with an inner voice, allowing the be captured by the charm of an endless instrument sounds, and looking at myself and the surroundings in search of answers to questions: where suffering ends and the peace begins? When is the darkness covered by light? That is the reason for the title “Equator”, which as an imaginary line leads me in a long and endlessly beautiful journey,” says the musician. “The piano that I am recording my first CD with has recently been purchased. It’s a completely fresh and fantastic instrument that Benny Anderson himself has recently used to record his solo album with his compositions. I’m next. ”

The release of composer’s Jānis Ķirsis solo album “The Equator” is scheduled for April this year, and its presentation concert is scheduled for late April. This is the composers first solo album. For ten years Jānis Ķirsis has been active in both academic and stage music, using a wide variety of musical languages to grow and develop in terms of sound quality. The release of an album is a new pivot point for growth, marking the composer’s 30th anniversary.

“The title of the album “The Equator ” has a symbolic meaning. The compositions are rich in sound and shaped like landscapes of musical paintings. It’s a very intimate conversation with myself and the feelings are expressed in a calm, humble form.” The composer emphasizes that these compositions are “one of 7 billion human reflections of emotional feelings,” says Jānis, adding that he wants to use the piano to reflect human emotions, showing the wide possibilities of this instrument: not only using the piano keys, but also the creative use of the instrument as a sound laboratory for the development of new, unknown discoveries. “I would like to address the audience emotionally by breaking down the rigid boundaries between the traditions of academic music, stage music and light music, deliberately walking in the middle, and  metaphorically speaking: “Being in the middle – on the “equatorial line “.”

The CD album will have a specifically created visual design, it will be created by artist Alise Mediņa. “I was inspired by the handwriting of her paintings. Along with her well-known urban landscapes, created in impressionism, in the recent years one of the themes in the artist’s paintings is the individual itself and his solitude in society. The development of „The Equator” CD’s visuals will be a creative process between two artists – composer and painter. This kind of collaboration makes it possible to bring the languages of music and image closer together, forming a common message. This album is my encountering with myself – the most open walk in the music, “says musician.

His creative work marks significant achievements in academic music, Jānis Ķirsis created music for the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, Latvian Radio Bigband, the Orchestra RIGA, choir “Kamēr”, “Juventus”, “Maska”, “Ave Sol”, accordionist Kseniya Sidorova, group Framest, etc., also he has achievements as a composer, pianist, singer and producer in stage music, working together with music associations and artists in Latvia, such as Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš, Jānis Lūsēns, Dons, Daumants Kalniņš, Kaspars Zemītis, Kārlis Lācis and many other contemporary popular music artists.